TM – to find the golden mean

TM – to find the golden mean


Brake pads are one of the most frequently changed and the most important components for vehicle and driver’s safety. The driving down the serpentine roads, braking in extreme situations, Road Police control in foreign countries cause the necessity to look for effective brake pads. How to choose such pads when the range is so wide? How to distinguish the qualitative product between the goods with good advertisement and nice package?  

The problem was solved by JSC “TRUCK MASTER”. The Director of the Company visited numerous exhibitions AUTOMECHANIKA in Frankfurt am Main and Shanghai and collected a big collection of brake pads - 30 selected samples - from experienced well-known producers such as TEXTAR, BERAL, KNORR, JURID, up to unknown cheap details form China.

JSC “TRUCK MASTER” and partners’ truck fleet with more than 150 trucks and trailers allows testing a lot of brake pads in real conditions what needs a lot of time. And how is it possible to evaluate the personal factors: style of driving, air temperature etc.? How to compare the brake pads in identical conditions?

One has found the laboratory accredited for carrying out of tests with breaking systems. The laboratory performs the comparative trials of dynamic friction and energetic wearing properties of brake pads. After conducting of 100 breaking cycles the temperature, wearing value, coefficient of friction and the work performed by brake pads were fixed.

The detailed testing programme reviled the well-known facts: expensive brake pads from experienced producers retain the brake efficiency in high working temperatures and have good wear resistance properties. However, the desired product was also found: the product that guarantees the safe braking of vehicle, has good wear resistance properties and is cheap enough. These brake pads are called TM. The long-term agreement was made with Laboratory of braking systems testing in order to test every new batch of TM brake pads. It will guarantee the maintenance of the best characteristics and supply of consumers with high-quality products.